Breathing the San Luis Valley
the mestdagh family living in the SLV and unearthing the region
Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Why does this blog exist?
My wife, Mia, and I (Steve Mestdagh) have enjoyed the San Luis Valley off and on, for the last 2 decades. Mia worked an Outward Bound couse in the Sangre de Cristos in the mid '80s. I've mountaineered in the Sangres in the early '80s through the '90s. We've also climbed at Penitente Canyon numerous times.

Last spring, we entertained the bright idea of looking for a place in Crestone. A second home that we could stay at as much as possible between renting it out. We knew we couldn't afford it outright. At least not yet. Sure we could sell our Boulder place, but that would be financially irresponsible. Hah! Boulder properties are future goldmines. It took about a year for us to find AND close on a small but beautiful Southwestern designed house.

We're not quite settled in yet but we love it like we love the SLV.

The purpose of this blog is to document our SLV discoveries, joys, tribulations and hopefully give back something positive to the SLV community.
Steve, Mia & Julia, my daughter